Response to Trentonian article

“Marijuana should be re-legalized for ADULT consumption for whatever purpose he or she deems fit. I am not in favor of taxing it. There should be no government permits nor licenses for growers of this product. I am a strong advocate that distribution to a minor remain a criminal offense if the distributor is not the parent. Parents should have the option to administer cannabis products to their children for medical purposes.”  Pete Rohrman Libertarian Candidate for NJ Governor


5/9/17 Debate

Tonight’s (5/9/17) primary gubernatorial debates didn’t shock me. I watched Democrats and Republicans argue on how better to control you – tell you what to do, how to think, to point a gun at you and extort money from you, incarcerate you for the most ridiculous of things – more laws, more of their rules that they exempt themselves from. They are going the wrong way. They are not your masters! It is not the natural state to be controlled. Control breeds contempt. Freedom is the simple concept upon which this nation was founded upon. Freedom is nothing to be feared. Freedom is the mother of innovation. Freedom is the basis of happiness. This November, we have a chance to cast of the chains of tyranny. You will not see change electing the same old Democrats or Republicans. The only wasted vote is a vote for your own imprisonment. Vote for freedom. Vote Libertarian.

You NEED to vote Libertarian

This is why you need to vote Libertarian. The 2 party system has conspired against you. Don’t allow the Republi-Crats to turn you into an accomplice of this ongoing crime by voting for them. If this article sickens you as much as it does me, join the , and run as a Libertarian this year for any office you can find. This can not be allowed to continue!

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Who is Peter Rohrman

I am a second generation and lifelong resident of Bergen County. Ever since my grandparents immigrated from Germany and Italy, my family has called Bergen County its home for almost 100 years.                                              Pete profile

My parents, Ben and Lucille Rohrman raised their family of four children in Carlstadt – a small blue collar borough in Southern Bergen County. It was in this close knit town of hard working families that I gained my strong positive sense of community. Many of us were latch key kids looked after by neighbors, older siblings, and each other which fostered responsibility at a young age. We played hard and worked hard. My first jobs began at 11 years of age with a paper route and lawn cutting. While I may have only been an average academic student, the real life experiences and lessons learned growing up in the Carlstadt community provided me an impactful and cherished education that I draw upon every day of my adult life.

Pete coaching

At nine years of age, I began playing youth football on a dare – a decision that would support my growth as a student, leader, and member of the community even today. My incredible coaches and experiences as a team member and captain were instrumental in the formation of my character and confidence. I played football throughout high school at Becton Regional in East Rutherford and continued playing after college starting middle linebacker for the New Jersey Giants, a semi-pro team based right here in Bergen County. In my mid to late 20’s, I also competed in Olympic style wrestling.

unnamed-11After completing my first year of college at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where I quickly ascended to the position of Infantry Platoon Sergeant in charge of 39 highly motivated and heavily armed U.S. Marines. Shortly after joining the Marine Corps, I returned to Bergen County for the remainder of my education matriculating at Rutgers University, Newark Campus majoring in Computer Science.