“A campaign based on policy, not politics”

Dear North Jersey News,

All week this week there have been free, quarter page, “news” articles about the Republican and Democrat picks for Lieutenant Governor. In today’s paper, there is yet another quarter page opinion piece mentioning only two candidates for governor, when in fact there are six candidates.  Where is the quarter page, free mention, of the four remaining candidates’ choices for Lt. Governor?  Where is their mention in this opinion piece of the hopeful path of civility in this election?

Sadly, the Federal Equal time rule has no teeth for 3rd party candidates.  This is because it has been written and amended by the two major parties to control the chance of any political competition’s access to equal free press, through the use of four exceptions, which ensure that every mention of the two major party candidates will always fall into those exceptions. Other party candidates have thoughtful solutions to help fix what the two major parties have destroyed during their decades of rule in all levels of politics.  By not even mentioning third party or independent candidates for governor in its reporting or editorial opinions, the Editor and staff at the Record are complicit in making sure there is no chance for a 3rd party win and are complicit in making sure only the two major candidates are know to the public, thereby ensuring their campaign success.

Whenever any “news” organization mentions the two “major” (reasons for our problems) party candidates in the same article, they owe it to the citizens to provide the names and positions of ALL candidates on the ballot, regardless of how this “rule” has been written.  Otherwise the candidates mentioned should have to pay market rates for the page size and number of words used to promote them for free.

Frustrated voter seeking equality of free mentions of ALL candidates.

Mike Mazzeo

Waldwick, NJ

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