Dear Main Stream Media

Priebus fired, Comey fired, Sessions soon to be fired, Gas-tax, Goldmans Sachs, Christie on the beach etc. It is time to stop propping up the two parties. This country and the state does not have to be in the situation they are in now; IF all the candidates who were on all 50 state ballots were given equal billing.

Last year Hillary and Trump were not the only choices on the ballot. Other than some small obligatory news about Gary Johnson, all that was reported on were those two candidates. Further protecting the D and R candidates, the bi-partisan commission on debates created an arbitrary poll number needed to qualify for said debates. Without proper press coverage it was impossible for Johnson or any other candidate to reach the debate stage.

This year the two major party candidates for the New Jersey gubernatorial seat have 40% of the electorate stating “they are not satisfied with either of them”. The other candidates, including Libertarian Candidate for Governor Peter Rohrman are fighting for small amounts of coverage. In fact the state run New Jersey Election Commission has come up with the arbitrary number of $430,000 needed to be raised by each candidate before they can be considered for the state run governor’s debate.

Is this what we as New Jersey citizens want? Are these the rules we as American citizens want, or are even happy living under? Look at the choices that were spoon fed to us last year. It is also safe to say that America would be just as unhappy if Hillary was our President rather than Trump.

There are always other choices, unfortunately many people believe they waste their vote supporting the other candidates. So what do we get? We get Hillary, Trump, Corzine, Christie, McGreevey etc. It is time for equal coverage, equal debate access and an equal opportunity for citizens to hear from all the candidates.

Only 18% of the population vote not because they are satisfied with these two party choices but because they are unsatisfied? Today is the time for us to make a difference. Citizens need to call, email and write ALL media outlets demanding change.

Peter Rohrman

Libertarian Candidate for Governor of New Jersey



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