The New Jersey Election is Based On Money Raised…Nothing Else

Earlier this month I had a chance meeting with one of the top pollsters in New Jersey. I asked why he has not included Karese and me in recent polls. One of his reasons was based on the amount of money I have raised. Why do I and why should you find this disturbing?

The two major parties receive countless dollars from special interest donors, be it large companies, unions, rich billionaires etc. These big donors dole out money in hopes for special prizes. As an example: The ACME Widget company makes a huge donation to a candidate or a candidates PAC. In return the company expects the state to purchase a large amount of their widgets (at the tax payers expense), or to create some kind of state paid work requiring many of their employees to be hired (again at the taxpayer expense).  As Libertarians, we soundly reject special interests influencing elections and we even largely reject taxing citizens to fund paybacks to political donors.  Seems strange that this is the target for press coverage and debate entry into New Jersey’s race…but then again this is New Jersey.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party is grass roots party, based on the desire for Freedom, Liberty and Small Government in our beloved state. Our source of funding is based solely on individuals who donate to our party or our candidates, not for some political payback but for believing in our ideals.  In order for out party to reach these fundraising thresholds we need folks like you to send a couple dollars here and there to help us reach the………..get this $430,000 required by NJ Elect to make it to the debate stage.

As a Libertarian Governor I can fix this mess, along with the tax, pension, anti-liberty and everything else mess that New Jersey has become. Please join me and join the movement by donating a few dollars so we can reach that number. This will allow us to be on the debate stage, included in polls and be reported about more regularly.

 Pete Rohrman

Libertarian Candidate for Governor


To help the campaign please CLICK HERE



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