AP on Peter Rohrman

POSTED: 07/22/17, 2:31 PM EDT

Peter Rohrman


The Libertarian Party candidate is a Marine Corps veteran who says he believes in “maximizing personal freedom.”

Rohrman, of Ramsey, has never held elected office. He unsuccessfully sought a seat on the Bergen County Board of Freeholders in 2015.

Rohrman’s platform includes tax reform, expanding school choice and legalizing marijuana.

He has called for reducing the size of state government and eliminating the state’s gas, sales and income taxes, saying New Jersey’s “out of control” taxes are leaving the state’s middle class struggling to survive. He also wants to end “corporate welfare” and government bailouts.

Rohrman also says New Jersey should be a concealed-carry state and that all non-violent criminals being held in state prisons should be immediately pardoned.

Rohrman is an operations director for an internet-service provider and is a single father with two teenage boys.


For further information contact the Peter Rohrman for Governor communications department at CommDir@PeteRohrman.com



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