Prohibition Against New Jersey’s 18-20 Year-Olds Expanded; Liberties Reduced

Today Governor Chris Christie signed a bill sponsored by Senators Richard Codey and Joe Vitale. This decision legislated by both democrats and republicans expand the nanny state and further chip away at the liberties of New Jersey’s 18-20 year-olds.

The decision will affect tobacco based products as well as “vape” products. This adds to the prohibitions against “legal adults” which used to be limited to only alcohol consumption. The excuses given by Trenton is that this anti-liberty decision will improve the overall health of New Jersey and cut into the $4 billion dollars spent annually on smoking related illnesses. I do not dispute that smoking has negative ramifications on one’s health, but I nor the governor nor legislators should be the ones to make that decision for legal adults. Smoking is a legal activity, that is generally quartered off to small “smoking-permitted areas”. It is none of the government’s business if someone wishes to smoke or not.

As your governor I will use the power of my office to return the smoking age to 18 and return the 30+ year old alcohol prohibition back to the age of 18.  My campaign is about freedom, liberty and small government. With today’s signature by Chris Christie we are reminded that both the democratic and republican parties support none of these ideals.

For further information contact the Peter Rohrman for Governor communications department at



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