Theft! – Once again Guadagno steals ideas from the Peter Rohrman campaign and calls them her own.

Time for Kim to Step Down and Allow Pete to Take on Murphy One-on-One

This morning was at least the third time Kim Guadagno has taken an idea from Peter Rohrman and called it her own.  The three incidents are documented below and will show New Jersey that Pete is the candidate with clear thinking original ideas that can take on the Democratic opponent.

Peter’s plan – Sell off the Governor’s Beach House.

For over a year Pete has been advocating the sale of the Island State Park beach house.  On July 2nd Pete documented that idea on his campaign Facebook page with a post dated July 2nd 4:56pm where he stated: “If I’m elected, I’ll sell the Governor’s Mansion, and rid us of the Gov’s residence on Island Beach State Park.”  This morning we awake to a article written by Claude Brodesser where Kim is mimicing the Libertarian candidates exact same message.

Kim has been Chris Christie’s Lieutenant Governor for 8 years, why did she mention it only 6 days after Peter publicly stated it? If she had been thinking of this idea, why didn’t she mention it in 2009, or 2011 or 2016? This isn’t the first time she has stolen Peter’s platform ideas.

Peter has been calling Christie’s $300 million dollar state house renovation New Jersey’s new Taj Mahal

On Campaign Facebook posts dated April 5th and April 7th, Pete used that exact term  to explain Christie’s high price renovation plan.  A couple weeks later Kim sent out a mailer to fellow Republicans calling her boss’s plan “The House of Versailles” as well as on a post on her Facebook page dated May 8th.   Slightly different words same lifted idea. Did she think of telling Chris not to move forward with his idea?  Is it due to the fact that she has been an ineffectual Lt. Gov or much easier to sit on the sidelines, take Peter’s ideas an send them out to her constituents?

If Kim cannot come up with any original ideas, she might think about stepping out of the race and backing Peter for Governor.   …..we will proceed.

Phil Murphy’s state bank idea

On April 7th Pete wrote the following” Imagine Phil’s new public bank making loans to Goldman Sachs, making high risk mortgages, or packaging mortgage backed securities with you on the hook!”  exactly 3 hours later Kim wrote the following: “a backdoor way to give his Wall Street friends jobs and let them make risky investments using our hard-earned tax money.”

The Rohrman campaign first noticed the similarity back in April but wanted to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence. Over the past few months we have seen these patterns run again and again. Today’s report by Mr. Brodesser was the final straw.  In fact in an interview that was run by the New York Times dated June 25, 2017, the Lt. Governor even called herself “Libertarian” in some instances.

If Chris Christie’s right-hand person wishes to play the part of a libertarian, or if she cannot think of original ideas and wishes to use Peter’s ideas, then it would be best for the citizens of this great state that she step aside and endorse Peter Rohrman for Governor.

We will continue to document every thing Pete says, and we will begin documenting the many times Kim wishes to use Pete’s ideas, platforms and words.


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