“A campaign based on policy, not politics”

Dear North Jersey News,

All week this week there have been free, quarter page, “news” articles about the Republican and Democrat picks for Lieutenant Governor. In today’s paper, there is yet another quarter page opinion piece mentioning only two candidates for governor, when in fact there are six candidates.  Where is the quarter page, free mention, of the four remaining candidates’ choices for Lt. Governor?  Where is their mention in this opinion piece of the hopeful path of civility in this election?

Sadly, the Federal Equal time rule has no teeth for 3rd party candidates.  This is because it has been written and amended by the two major parties to control the chance of any political competition’s access to equal free press, through the use of four exceptions, which ensure that every mention of the two major party candidates will always fall into those exceptions. Other party candidates have thoughtful solutions to help fix what the two major parties have destroyed during their decades of rule in all levels of politics.  By not even mentioning third party or independent candidates for governor in its reporting or editorial opinions, the Editor and staff at the Record are complicit in making sure there is no chance for a 3rd party win and are complicit in making sure only the two major candidates are know to the public, thereby ensuring their campaign success.

Whenever any “news” organization mentions the two “major” (reasons for our problems) party candidates in the same article, they owe it to the citizens to provide the names and positions of ALL candidates on the ballot, regardless of how this “rule” has been written.  Otherwise the candidates mentioned should have to pay market rates for the page size and number of words used to promote them for free.

Frustrated voter seeking equality of free mentions of ALL candidates.

Mike Mazzeo

Waldwick, NJ

Dear Main Stream Media

Priebus fired, Comey fired, Sessions soon to be fired, Gas-tax, Goldmans Sachs, Christie on the beach etc. It is time to stop propping up the two parties. This country and the state does not have to be in the situation they are in now; IF all the candidates who were on all 50 state ballots were given equal billing.

Last year Hillary and Trump were not the only choices on the ballot. Other than some small obligatory news about Gary Johnson, all that was reported on were those two candidates. Further protecting the D and R candidates, the bi-partisan commission on debates created an arbitrary poll number needed to qualify for said debates. Without proper press coverage it was impossible for Johnson or any other candidate to reach the debate stage.

This year the two major party candidates for the New Jersey gubernatorial seat have 40% of the electorate stating “they are not satisfied with either of them”. The other candidates, including Libertarian Candidate for Governor Peter Rohrman are fighting for small amounts of coverage. In fact the state run New Jersey Election Commission has come up with the arbitrary number of $430,000 needed to be raised by each candidate before they can be considered for the state run governor’s debate.

Is this what we as New Jersey citizens want? Are these the rules we as American citizens want, or are even happy living under? Look at the choices that were spoon fed to us last year. It is also safe to say that America would be just as unhappy if Hillary was our President rather than Trump.

There are always other choices, unfortunately many people believe they waste their vote supporting the other candidates. So what do we get? We get Hillary, Trump, Corzine, Christie, McGreevey etc. It is time for equal coverage, equal debate access and an equal opportunity for citizens to hear from all the candidates.

Only 18% of the population vote not because they are satisfied with these two party choices but because they are unsatisfied? Today is the time for us to make a difference. Citizens need to call, email and write ALL media outlets demanding change.

Peter Rohrman

Libertarian Candidate for Governor of New Jersey


The New Jersey Election is Based On Money Raised…Nothing Else

Earlier this month I had a chance meeting with one of the top pollsters in New Jersey. I asked why he has not included Karese and me in recent polls. One of his reasons was based on the amount of money I have raised. Why do I and why should you find this disturbing?

The two major parties receive countless dollars from special interest donors, be it large companies, unions, rich billionaires etc. These big donors dole out money in hopes for special prizes. As an example: The ACME Widget company makes a huge donation to a candidate or a candidates PAC. In return the company expects the state to purchase a large amount of their widgets (at the tax payers expense), or to create some kind of state paid work requiring many of their employees to be hired (again at the taxpayer expense).  As Libertarians, we soundly reject special interests influencing elections and we even largely reject taxing citizens to fund paybacks to political donors.  Seems strange that this is the target for press coverage and debate entry into New Jersey’s race…but then again this is New Jersey.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party is grass roots party, based on the desire for Freedom, Liberty and Small Government in our beloved state. Our source of funding is based solely on individuals who donate to our party or our candidates, not for some political payback but for believing in our ideals.  In order for out party to reach these fundraising thresholds we need folks like you to send a couple dollars here and there to help us reach the………..get this $430,000 required by NJ Elect to make it to the debate stage.

As a Libertarian Governor I can fix this mess, along with the tax, pension, anti-liberty and everything else mess that New Jersey has become. Please join me and join the movement by donating a few dollars so we can reach that number. This will allow us to be on the debate stage, included in polls and be reported about more regularly.

 Pete Rohrman

Libertarian Candidate for Governor


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AP on Peter Rohrman

POSTED: 07/22/17, 2:31 PM EDT

Peter Rohrman


The Libertarian Party candidate is a Marine Corps veteran who says he believes in “maximizing personal freedom.”

Rohrman, of Ramsey, has never held elected office. He unsuccessfully sought a seat on the Bergen County Board of Freeholders in 2015.

Rohrman’s platform includes tax reform, expanding school choice and legalizing marijuana.

He has called for reducing the size of state government and eliminating the state’s gas, sales and income taxes, saying New Jersey’s “out of control” taxes are leaving the state’s middle class struggling to survive. He also wants to end “corporate welfare” and government bailouts.

Rohrman also says New Jersey should be a concealed-carry state and that all non-violent criminals being held in state prisons should be immediately pardoned.

Rohrman is an operations director for an internet-service provider and is a single father with two teenage boys.


For further information contact the Peter Rohrman for Governor communications department at CommDir@PeteRohrman.com


Prohibition Against New Jersey’s 18-20 Year-Olds Expanded; Liberties Reduced

Today Governor Chris Christie signed a bill sponsored by Senators Richard Codey and Joe Vitale. This decision legislated by both democrats and republicans expand the nanny state and further chip away at the liberties of New Jersey’s 18-20 year-olds.

The decision will affect tobacco based products as well as “vape” products. This adds to the prohibitions against “legal adults” which used to be limited to only alcohol consumption. The excuses given by Trenton is that this anti-liberty decision will improve the overall health of New Jersey and cut into the $4 billion dollars spent annually on smoking related illnesses. I do not dispute that smoking has negative ramifications on one’s health, but I nor the governor nor legislators should be the ones to make that decision for legal adults. Smoking is a legal activity, that is generally quartered off to small “smoking-permitted areas”. It is none of the government’s business if someone wishes to smoke or not.

As your governor I will use the power of my office to return the smoking age to 18 and return the 30+ year old alcohol prohibition back to the age of 18.  My campaign is about freedom, liberty and small government. With today’s signature by Chris Christie we are reminded that both the democratic and republican parties support none of these ideals.

For further information contact the Peter Rohrman for Governor communications department at CommDir@PeteRohrman.com


Theft! – Once again Guadagno steals ideas from the Peter Rohrman campaign and calls them her own.

Time for Kim to Step Down and Allow Pete to Take on Murphy One-on-One

This morning was at least the third time Kim Guadagno has taken an idea from Peter Rohrman and called it her own.  The three incidents are documented below and will show New Jersey that Pete is the candidate with clear thinking original ideas that can take on the Democratic opponent.

Peter’s plan – Sell off the Governor’s Beach House.

For over a year Pete has been advocating the sale of the Island State Park beach house.  On July 2nd Pete documented that idea on his campaign Facebook page with a post dated July 2nd 4:56pm where he stated: “If I’m elected, I’ll sell the Governor’s Mansion, and rid us of the Gov’s residence on Island Beach State Park.”  This morning we awake to a NJ.com article written by Claude Brodesser where Kim is mimicing the Libertarian candidates exact same message.

Kim has been Chris Christie’s Lieutenant Governor for 8 years, why did she mention it only 6 days after Peter publicly stated it? If she had been thinking of this idea, why didn’t she mention it in 2009, or 2011 or 2016? This isn’t the first time she has stolen Peter’s platform ideas.

Peter has been calling Christie’s $300 million dollar state house renovation New Jersey’s new Taj Mahal

On Campaign Facebook posts dated April 5th and April 7th, Pete used that exact term  to explain Christie’s high price renovation plan.  A couple weeks later Kim sent out a mailer to fellow Republicans calling her boss’s plan “The House of Versailles” as well as on a post on her Facebook page dated May 8th.   Slightly different words same lifted idea. Did she think of telling Chris not to move forward with his idea?  Is it due to the fact that she has been an ineffectual Lt. Gov or much easier to sit on the sidelines, take Peter’s ideas an send them out to her constituents?

If Kim cannot come up with any original ideas, she might think about stepping out of the race and backing Peter for Governor.   …..we will proceed.

Phil Murphy’s state bank idea

On April 7th Pete wrote the following” Imagine Phil’s new public bank making loans to Goldman Sachs, making high risk mortgages, or packaging mortgage backed securities with you on the hook!”  exactly 3 hours later Kim wrote the following: “a backdoor way to give his Wall Street friends jobs and let them make risky investments using our hard-earned tax money.”

The Rohrman campaign first noticed the similarity back in April but wanted to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence. Over the past few months we have seen these patterns run again and again. Today’s report by Mr. Brodesser was the final straw.  In fact in an interview that was run by the New York Times dated June 25, 2017, the Lt. Governor even called herself “Libertarian” in some instances.

If Chris Christie’s right-hand person wishes to play the part of a libertarian, or if she cannot think of original ideas and wishes to use Peter’s ideas, then it would be best for the citizens of this great state that she step aside and endorse Peter Rohrman for Governor.

We will continue to document every thing Pete says, and we will begin documenting the many times Kim wishes to use Pete’s ideas, platforms and words.

4th of July and Liberty

Today, we celebrate the 241st birthday of the United States of America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The spirt of this document was a monumental step in governance and the ideals of what “man” is entitled to. This document was created by men far more experienced than any person on the planet to this date. They knew the perils of government. They knew what “man” was entitled to. They gambled their lives and fortunes on what they knew was an act of signing their own death warrants. They did this for their fellow “man” and for future generations – not for themselves. That is why I’m running for Governor. I feel it is my duty to honor the brave men that started this nation by standing up for what they risked their lives for. I feel it is my duty to stand up for you. Like you, for years, I avoided getting into politics. I never set out to be a politician. In full disclosure, I’d much rather spend my time coaching sports, earning a living, and spending time with my family, but the time has come for me to step into the seedy disgusting world of politics to serve you. God built me in a certain way. He didn’t insert me into this world to be a billionaire – he meant for me to serve my fellow “man.” I’ve served my fellow “man” at lower levels as an athletic coach, community mentor, volunteer firefighter, and as a U.S. Marine. As difficult as a life in service is, I am called to it again. This year, I’ll give you as much of my being as I can muster to provide you with a real choice for Governor of NJ. I’m here to serve you. Use me as you will.

My opinion is that the most penetrating verse to the Declaration of Independence is as follows:

“…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

No one – that includes your government – cares more about your life and your family’s life than you do. Your life and your family are your most precious possession. Money, power, prestige, property, can all be lost and re-gotten, but life cannot. To those ends, it is my belief that there is no one more responsible for protecting such life than that of the one in possession thereof. If I am elected Governor, I will protect that right to defend life by nullifying most of the weapons laws of NJ with mass pardon power. We will revert to federal standards of self-preservation.

The basis of your liberty is you freedom of speech. All other liberties will quickly vanish without it. A government that suppresses your speech is in total control. You were not meant to be controlled. The natural state of human is freedom. When someone tells you that you can’t do something, you become hostile. We don’t want a state of hostility here anymore. We want to live and let live. We want to be free to do anything that we want so long as we don’t hurt anyone. It pains me greatly to see the government abuse its power by incarcerating political prisoners like Ed Forchion. Ed never hurt anyone, but yet he’s rotting away in Mercer County Jail for exercising his free speech against some powerful well connected government agents. If I am elected Governor, no matter what you say in adversary of me, I give you my word, you will not be thrown in jail for speaking out against me.

Pursuit of Happiness:
Happiness is not a right. The Pursuit of Happiness is. It is up to the individual to figure that out for themselves. One man’s pursuit of happiness might be another’s mortal sin. It is not the government’s business to decide what is permissible lifestyle or chosen profession. It is not the governments business who you marry. It’s not the government’s business what you put in your body. It’s not the government’s business what you collect. Most people would agree that working half the year to pay the government is a forced pursuit of enslavement. I want you all to live your life the way you see fit so long as you don’t hurt anyone. Go fourth and LIVE for you only have 1 life.

Right of the People to Alter:
It is the duty of the people to change their government if they see it does not work for them. We are in those times. Taxes are too high. We are required to comply too much with too trivial things. In the coming weeks, I will present to you a new form of government – A new way of doing things – A government that will better serve you and stay out of your way. It is my hope that you will embrace this concept and join me in the peaceful revolution that will transform not only NJ, but this world.

People have rights. Governments need to have strict limits. How did that ever get reversed?

Stay safe this July 4th. I hope to meet you all.

Semper Fi,