Dear Lt. Governor……..

Earlier this week Chris Christy’s Lt Governor stated she was “libertarian”. As our party is truely a big tent party, the New Jersey Libertarian Party Treasurer Rich Bowen sent Mrs Guadagno a membership recruitment letter. The letter is below….and it’s brilliant!
I sent this membership letter to Ms. Guadagno on June 27th

Dear Ms. Guadagno,

I was so pleased to hear you call yourself a libertarian in a recent interview.

I have included a membership application card and invite you to become a member of the New Jersey Libertarian Party (NJLP). Membership fees range from free for students to $500 for a lifetime membership.

In addition to joining the NJLP, we ask our new members to support our party by requesting the following:

1. Consider changing your voter registration to Libertarian. I have included a Party Affiliation Declaration Form for you to use.

2. Be sure to visit and like our Facebook Page at

Mark your calendar and join us at the upcoming events (details on Facebook):

1. The NJLP Summer Picnic on July 15, 2017

2. Racing with Rohrman on September 3, 2017. Come meet and get to know Pete Rohrman, the Libertarian Party candidate for NJ Governor at Monmouth Race Track.

Check Facebook often for announcements of other events throughout the summer and fall.

We are New Jersey’s third largest party, and the fastest growing party over the last few years. We look forward to having you as a member.

Rich Bowen
New Jersey Libertarian Party


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