2nd Amendment Crisis in New Jersey


New Jersey – March 28, 2017: The Second Amendment to the US Constitution documents our rights to protect our families, property, and person. New Jersey is home to some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the nation. The current NJ gun control laws have turned peaceful law abiding citizens into felons.

Peter Rohrman(L) Candidate for Governor of NJ, sides with the law abiding gun owner. He intends to correct decades of injustice by use of executive powers. He will overturn State gun control laws, and revert to Federal law. He is quoted as saying, “If elected, I will issue mass pardon to all in NJ – proactively and retroactively – for most of NJ’s gun laws. We’ll do away with the restrictions placed on concealed carry, magazine capacity, hollow point ammo, transportation, and FID Cards with the stroke of a pen.” He then further added, “We will never again have to read about the persecution of lawful citizens like Brian Aitken or Shaneen Allen. Domestic Abuse victims will be able to arm themselves with something other than a restraining order. The tragic death of Carol Bowne is s story none of us want to hear again.”

Peter J. Rohrman is the Libertarian candidate for Governor. He has spent most of his adult life serving his community and his nation in several capacities outside his career in the private sector. He has served as a volunteer firefighter. He served our nation honorably as a U.S. Marine in a rifle company. He has devoted most of his spare time the past 20 years to the youth of Bergen County as a volunteer coach. Mr. Rohrman’s goals are ending prosecution of victimless crime, promote the economy, and minimize government.


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