5/9/17 Debate

Tonight’s (5/9/17) primary gubernatorial debates didn’t shock me. I watched Democrats and Republicans argue on how better to control you – tell you what to do, how to think, to point a gun at you and extort money from you, incarcerate you for the most ridiculous of things – more laws, more of their rules that they exempt themselves from. They are going the wrong way. They are not your masters! It is not the natural state to be controlled. Control breeds contempt. Freedom is the simple concept upon which this nation was founded upon. Freedom is nothing to be feared. Freedom is the mother of innovation. Freedom is the basis of happiness. This November, we have a chance to cast of the chains of tyranny. You will not see change electing the same old Democrats or Republicans. The only wasted vote is a vote for your own imprisonment. Vote for freedom. Vote Libertarian.